Original and inspired designs

Manufacturing & Material

We know you want designs that are elegant, original and inspired, so we take versatile approach to our work to create unique pieces.

In the pursuit of creating beautiful design, not only do we seek to use the finest materials or the most talented craftsmanship, we also never settle for anything less than the highest quality.

We like to work with the original beauty of each particular material. Here is the range of materials and processes we currently work with:

  • Metal
    • Material options: zinc alloy, tin alloy, aluminum, pewter, copper, brass, iron, stainless steel etc.
    • Finish options: electroplate, vacuum plate, polished, brushed, painted.
    • Zinc die cast
    • Tin hand cast
    • Machining
  • Crystal
    • Shape/Design options: Cubes, Blocks, Buildings, Trains, Rounds, Sphere-simple shapes.
    • Variety of colors: (Images)
    • Machine cut/chisel and polish
    • Sandblast, Frost and Etch
    • 3D laser image (inside)
    • Laser (outside)
    • Printing
    • Hand carve
    • Bevel
    • Color fill
    • Decal – water slide decal, traceless transfer image/text print
  • Resin/Lucite
    • Ideal for most creative and irregular shapes
    • Denseplastic materialthat requiresmolding
    • Color options:(images)
    • Finish options:original, painted,electroplated
    • Hand model
    • Molding
    • Painting (airbrush and hand painting)
    • Electroplating
    • Text logo branding(concaveand convex)
  • Wood
    • Suitable for bases; designs like benches and road signs
    • Color options:(Images)
    • Machinecut, polish and paint (images)
    • Laser carving (images)
    • Finish: matte, glossy and piano- 6 – 10 coats of lacquer
  • Marble/Granite
    • Ideal as a base materialwith it’s rough texture
    • Color options:(images)
    • Machinecut and polish
    • Text etch and color fill (limited)
    • Laser
  • Packaging
    • Box options:die-cast foam: black foam, white Styrofoam, black satin lining, magnetic lid, blue and black box, leather box
    • Carton: Double carton box with padded corners and foam filling

Design solutions