Original and inspired designs


Crystal Bases, 3D laser blocks, basic shapes


  • Clear and colored (transparent and solid)
  • Basic geometric shapes
  • Breakable (during transit esp. thin designs)
  • Bonds very well with each other (crystal top +base)
  • Good for text and logo


Crystal Techniques

  • Machine cut/chisel and polish
  • Sandblast, Frost and Etch
  • 3D laser image (inside)
  • Hand carve
  • Bevel
  • Color fill

Crystal Designs

  • Cubes
  • Blocks
  • Buildings
  • Trains
  • Rounds
  • Sphere

Crystal Cubes

  • 3.5’’ and 4’’ in stock
  • 3’’ to 8’’ available on request

Crystal Blocks

Crystal Buildings

Crystal Trains

Crystal Rounds/Curves

Crystal Spheres

Crystal 3D Laser

  • Can do almost all designs and images possible
  • Need to have HD images (even .jpg .gif or online)
  • We can use 3D laser in all above basic shapes of crystal provided there is 1-inch space from the edge


Crystal – Hand Carve after molding – suitable for mountain/wave designs

Crystal – Standard Colors
All basic shades are available. Not available to be customized.

Crystal- Deal Info Color Fill
Text and logo: Machine etch, color fill with needles

Crystal – Timeline
Faster than other materials, typical order times are:

  • Sample:        7 -18 days
  • Full order:  10 -28 days