Original and inspired designs


  • Most versatile and creative
  • Plastic-like texture, almost all finish effects possible i.e. metal, crystal, wood etc.
  • Hand model and molding process
  • All shapes and designs suitable
  • Colored Lucite available in fixed shades
  • Lightweight but fragile sometimes
  • Easy and relatively strong bonding

Resin/Lucite – Techniques

  • Hand model
  • Molding
  • Painting (airbrush and hand painting)
  • Electroplating
  • Text logo branding (concave and convex)


Important and longest part:
Hand model and mold

  • Hand model: 7-10 days
  • Mold: 5-7 days



Airbrush painted – gradient effect and high gloss

Resin/Lucite Hand painted – All PMS color a/v

Resin/Lucite Electroplating
Metal finish, realistic looking

Electroplating – bronze finish

Resin/Lucite Electroplating

Antique pewter

Resin/Lucite Plating Sample Swatch

Resin/Lucite Transparent Green Lucite


Transparent crystal gel (blue tint)


Lucite flower – hand painted

Resin/Lucite Basic Embedment –

Lucite piece inside clear crystal gel

Resin/Lucite – Timeline

Takes the longest order time, primarily due to the hand model and molding process

  • Sample:      15-27 days
  • Full order:  18-30 days